Memories of G.G.

by Sandra H. Walsh

I have more information for you re the Burdette home “Eventide.”Clara Burdette

Clara Burdette was my great-grandmother – my mother’s paternal grandmother. My mother and her 3 sisters always referred to her as “Mama B.” My siblings and I called her “G.G.” for the signature she used when sending a note or postcard to her great-grandchildren.

Her maiden name was Bradley. Her first husband was Nathaniel Milman Wheeler, the father of her only child, my grandfather Roy Bradley Wheeler who died around 1923. My mother who was born in February 1921 told me that she was 2 years old when her father died.

I don’t know what year Nathaniel Wheeler died.

Clara’s second husband whom she also outlived was Colonel Parker who fought for the South in the Civil War. I don’t know when he died.

Robert J. Burdette was Clara’s third husband, whom she also outlived.

Clara Bradley Wheeler Parker Burdette died in the early 1950’s. Whenever we went to visit my mother’s family in Pasadena, we always had to go visit G.G. in the “cottage” she built on the Huntington Hotel property. By that time the only one of us she recognized and remembered was my older brother.