2002 Home Tour Combines History and Good Times

By Jianulla Zimmerman
Our Historical and Architectural Home Tour at the beginning of June was a wonderful example of what can happen when people come together to share their enthusiasm for preserving our older homes and sharing information about the history of our community.

We had over 300 people attend resulting in several thousand dollars that will go directly to our preservation efforts to restore the Morrell House, a beautiful example of early Redondo Beach homes. When completed, it will be available for parties and social events through the city.

Thanks to all of you who came to the tour and we hope to have many more events for your benefit in the near future. There was a “Thank You” barbeque hosted by Steve Cunningham for all who worked on the Tour. It was a lot of fun to get together to talk about our houses and our community. It was a real neighborhood party with guests ranging from babies to senior citizens.

Special thanks to the homeowners that participated including Dr. David Birdsall and Dr. Natasha Nelson of Inside Out Chiropractic Center located in the old Sweetzer House, Allan and Terese Wix, Dale and Mickey Walker, Meredith and Blake Edwards, Pastor Bob Cornner , Steve and Holly Powell, Bill and Susan MacKenzie and Glen Swette.

Thanks to the local businesses who helped including Critic’s Choice Catering, Redondo Van & Storage, Richardson Photography, White & Day Mortuaries, Vons and Albertsons supermarkets. We really enjoyed the wonderful music provided by Betty Calame and John Flick, who played oldies for everyone to sing-along, and Gary Horton who played flamenco guitar.
We are especially grateful to the voluteers and tour docents that made this home tour a success including Pat Swope, Mollie and Bill Hillman, Judy Scott, Joann Cope, Betty Fitzgerald, Michele Fortier, Linda Van Egan, Georgia Petrie, Merla Wilson, Bonnie Beckerson, Betty Mallory, Karen Williams, Joanie Harmon and David, Judy Daugherty, Sherry Ridgley, Hazel Mulqueen, Gloria Grant, Vickie Goorchenko, Dorrine Callahan, Arnie Zimmerman, Belinda Ajili, Monica and Ron Moore, Steve Cunningham, Dean Francois, Myrna Hadinoto, Bob and Krista Hayes, Donna Dawick, Steve Bopp, Cindy and Randy Earp, and Andy Lesser.