Do you ever ask yourself… “What’s the point?”

A Message From the RBHS President
By Bob Hayes   
Almost everybody reading this newsletter lives, or has lived, in the Los Angeles area and is aware that local culture does not always value historically significant architecture. The people of Los Angeles are more likely to celebrate its buildings that push the boundaries of modern design and grandeur. Unfortunately, it is often past treasures that are razed to make way for these new marvels.

Redondo Beach is no exception. The majority of our historic assets have disappeared and been replaced by new structures, and while I tend to describe much of the construction from a couple of decades ago as “post-hideous”, I am glad to see that some of the new buildings going up are actually rather impressive. What concerns me, though, is that sometimes I will see a street that has all modern houses except for one little old bungalow, and I think to myself, what is the point of trying to save that last historic holdout?

Then I remind myself, with our historic assets disappearing, each little remnant becomes more and more valuable. And several times this year, I have been pleasantly surprised that some small house that I thought was doomed for the bulldozer had been resurrected and given new life by someone who could appreciate that they had a diamond in the rough.

So, if you ever ask yourself “What’s the point?”, just remember one act of preservation can last a lifetime.