Historic Meeting Settles Morrell House Question
By Deborah Jackson
After its grand opening almost a year ago, and after much discussion among City officials and the public, it looks like the Morrell House will be open to the public in the very near future.
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Old Sign Looking For a Home
By Dennis Sullivan
In December 2005 a much debated Redondo Beach controversy came to an end when the city removed the historic Millie Riera restaurant sign from the corner of PCH and Avenue I. Its gone and so is the fight to save it. The city has stored it for over a year and is ready to let it go to wherever old signs go.
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The Morrell House Has A Great Day
By Dennis Sullivan
On a glorious, sunny, Saturday afternoon proud city leaders joined a delighted group of church volunteers, community organizations and citizens in a ribbon cutting that was years in the coming, the dedication of the completed Morrell House restoration. The Morrell House stood magnificently behind several speakers at the unveiling of this carefully restored historic home.
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The Morrell House Restoration was a Community Effort
By Bob Hayes
If you have had the chance to drive by the Morrell House in the last couple of months, you may have noticed that the fence is down and the outside is looking pretty good. Well, we are happy to report that the inside is finally completed also.
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This Old House Was A Labor of Love
By John Reilly
“Look at those stairs. Yeah, I sanded them. How about the stain on that floor panel? Nice work, huh?” Sure, it sounds silly, but helping revive this local treasure to its former glory, even in small ways, provided a sense of pride to all of the many volunteers who toiled in the Morrell House for seemingly endless hours during the past several years.
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How Do We Renovate Those Plaster Walls?
By Dennis Sullivan
During our last Historical Society board meeting, we had a lively debate about the best way to renovate the interior walls of the Morrell House. To “do it right”, with new plaster according to standard preservation guidelines, will be costly, while the dry walling approach will save money, but, according to more scrupulous renovators, would remove an historic element of the old house.
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Sweetser Home Owner Battles City Over Gardens
One of Redondo’s most valuable historic assets, the Sweetser house at the corner of Beryl and PCH, has been in the news quite a bit recently. The new owner wants to make some changes to the landscape, for which he submitted plans to the Preservation Commission and appealed their decision to the City Council. Read comments from the homeowner, a city planner and a former preservation commissioner.
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Step in the Right Direction – Residential Design Guidelines
by Monica Litjen Moore
A series of six community and neighborhood workshops were held regarding the proposed residential design guidelines and related zoning amendments. The comments from these workshops were considered by the City’s consultant teams in developing initial and revised drafts of the proposed Residential Design Guidelines. The design guidelines and zoning amendments are intended to ensure that new residential structures and additions to existing residential structures are compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.
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A Message From the RBHS President:
Do you ever ask yourself… “What’s the point?”
by Bob Hayes
Almost everybody reading this newsletter lives, or has lived, in the Los Angeles area and is aware that local culture does not always value historically significant architecture. The people of Los Angeles are more likely to celebrate its buildings that push the boundaries of modern design and grandeur. Unfortunately, it is often past treasures that are razed to make way for these new marvels.
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Award Winning Homes
We congratulate three Redondo Beach Historical Society members for their recent 2002 Beautification Awards from the Beautification Committee of the Redondo Beach Round Table.
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2002 Home Tour Combines History and Good Times
By Jianulla Zimmerman
Our Historical and Architectural Home Tour at the beginning of June was a wonderful example of what can happen when people come together to share their enthusiasm for preserving our older homes and sharing information about the history of our community.
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The Morrell House Shows Off For The Home Tour
By Randy Earp
We decided to put the Morrell House on the tour so everyone could get a rare look at the house during the renovation phase. A lot has been accomplished and much more needs to be done. This update will fill you in on our progress.
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