Digital History Project


After being inspired by the City of Torrance’s recent digitization of its historic Torrance Herald newspapers, the RBHS Board met with the City of Redondo Beach about collaborating on a similar project for our historic newspapers, the Compass and the Redondo Reflex, as well as our old City Directories.  The RBHS would like to raise funds to digitize these historic documents.  The digital copies would be hosted on the City of Redondo’s website under the Library index.  This information would be free to the public and would be in a format that would not deteriorate over time.  As more museums and archives become digital domains, and as electronic resources become the main tool for gathering information, items left behind in non-digital form, scholars and archivists say, are in danger of disappearing from the collective cultural memory, potentially leaving our historical fabric riddled with holes.

Currently, the newspapers are in a microfiche form, however, there is no working microfiche machine to view them on.  The directories are scattered among several collections but are becoming brittle with age.  These local resources have been used by students studying Redondo’s history, by homeowners researching their historic homes, and by anyone interested in our rich history.

Through the generous support of the community, we have raised $4,000 to fund this project.  We estimate this project will be completed before year-end.  Thank you for your support!