The Morrell House

Constructed around the turn of the century, the Morrell House is a combination of Queen Anne and Craftsman detailing. It was originally located one house north of Diamond Street on the east side of North Catalina.

It was occupied by the Morrell family from its construction until the mid 1950’s. The home was one of the first houses in Redondo Beach to have electricity and had a barn out back where the Morrell’s raised chickens!  The home was originally furnished by Barker Brothers of Los Angeles. The original exterior colors were white with black, which are the colors also chosen for the restoration.

The Morrell House was designated as a local landmark in February of 1991.

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More About the Morrell House

Facing demolition in 1989 the house was moved to Heritage Court. Since June of 1990 volunteers have spent thousands of hours restoring the house. Restoration efforts included a new foundation, new roof, rebuilt fireplaces, substantial earthquake retrofitting, exterior paint stripping by hand to the bare wood, refurbishment of all bottom story windows, and replacement of newer window panes with old wavy glass.

Rental and Reservation Information
The Morrell House has been completely restored. Furniture and accessories that were in storage for years have been moved in. The home continues to be refurnished with donations from generous residents. It is now available for rental to groups interested in holding meetings and events there. For detailed information about renting the house please click on this link: Rental Information.

Heritage Court is located at Dominguez Park on Flagler Lane Between 190th Street and Beryl Street in Redondo Beach.

For more information regarding Heritage Court please e-mail us.