Redondo Pioneer Picnic of 1911 
By Galen Hunter
While researching the Dr. F.M. Palmer files (pioneer collector of archaeological objects) at the Braun Research Library, I came across a reference to the Redondo Pioneer Picnic of 1911.  At the Braun, there is a notebook of Palmer’s called “Redondo Pioneers Speech”. The notebook has 14 pages of Palmer’s handwritten notes for this speech; however, there was no indication in his notes as to what the date of the speech was or where it was given.  Further research led me to the Redondo Beach Main Library and the microfilm copies for the old “Redondo Reflex” local newspaper for that time period.  The “Redondo Reflex”, May 4, 1911, contained the following article (excerpted):
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Memories of the Queen Anne and Redondo Beach
By Maggie Tephany
On January 14, 1989, Historical Society Members, Sandra Dyan and Maggie Tephany interviewed one of Redondo’s long-time residents, Mrs. Adele Santo.
Mrs. Santo’s first home in after moving to America was the Queen Anne cottage that was relocated to Heritage Court shortly after this original article was written. This story was featured in the Redondo Beach Historical Society’s Winter-1989 Newsletter and was written by Maggie Tephany.
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Preservation Commission Considers Additional Historic Districts
By Michael J. Gibson
Redondo Beach has over eighty individual historic landmarks, each of which offers a unique insight into the “Redondo that once was.” To get a real sense of what life was like in our town eighty or ninety years ago, nothing compares to a visit to one of our historic neighborhoods. Strolling along a city block of largely intact historic homes, you will find yourself immersed in a streetscape that, with a little imagination, allows you to travel back in time as effectively as if you’d stepped into a time machine. Preserving this experience, and the neighborhoods that make it possible, is the goal of Redondo’s historic district designation program.
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Historic Styles in Our Town
By Kathy McLoed
In our ever-changing, fast-paced world, we sometimes miss, even yearn, for those things most precious to us; like a favorite camping spot when we were kids, a song that reminds us of our first date, the feeling of getting behind the wheel of our first car. Or perhaps a special place that represents “the good ‘ol days” … a place that has stood the test of time….a place that makes us feel safe, secure and “at home” just by its mere presence.
Here, in the architecturally-eclectic neighborhoods of Redondo, these sometimes hidden gems not only reflect an era gone by but also represent a resurgence and newly-found appreciation for historical architecture.
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The Fox Theater
By Kathy McLeod
Whether you are an avid cinema buff, an historian of fine architecture, grew up in the Depression era or the fun-filled 50s; or were lucky enough to experience the South Bay’s “surfin’ 60s”, Redondo’s Fox Theater was not only an integral part of our City’s history but perhaps a part of your own personal history as well. The Fox Theater – you can’t help but pause, reflect and smile when you think of this grand old dame.
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Lodges, Clubs Offer Ways to Be Involved
By Deborah Jackson
Redondo Beach residents have a long history of active lodge and philanthropic organization involvement. Locals have joined the Masons, Elks, and Eagles, among others.
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Linda Aust: Our Treasure
By Deborah Jackson
I know you’ve seen her….she’s everywhere! Linda Aust, Treasurer of the Redondo Beach Historical Society, has her hand in everything to do with Redondo history.
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